SPM Utility

SPM-Utility is a multi-utility application designed as an end-to-end solution for energy and utility management companies to oversee and execute utility related projects for residential as well as commercial projects. 

This app provides tools and processes to make such companies more effective and productive starting from estimation of their projects to its execution and maintenance. 

Collaborating with many parties often requires a great deal of time and money for such companies. The SPM app helps them to collaborate with project managers, design managers, contractors, suppliers and other local authorities. 

With this versatile app, companies can effectively assist homes and businesses with a range of utility based services for large-scale to small-scale projects.

Main Highlights

Gantt Chart is used for Project Management which represents the estimated start and end date of a work request and provides the ability to assign a resource to the work request which can be altered by the user.

Built on Lightning platform which makes it easy to automate any business process fast and integrate any data.

Fully Integrated with Salesforce FSL, Service Lightning (FSL), which is the extension of service cloud that provides a comprehensive view of workforce management.The SPM application can be integrated with any new or existing field service instance.

Product Features

Enquiry Tracking

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Estimation and Quotation

Calculates estimates using packages of work based on time, materials, equipment and contractor costs and produces quotations for customers.

Work Package Management

Build projects into packages of work including plots, sites and bundles of jobs. Work package management enables companies to finish jobs efficiently and effectively according to the customer’s timeline requirements. 

Asset Management

Keep track of your installed assets, their value and when they need servicing by using the app’s maintenance schedules. Once a job is completed, all the job details can be tracked under the Installed asset .

Opening Notices

Send electronic notifications to the local authorities about any work on a public road, which is associated with a work request.

Project Management
and Planning

Manage all tasks of the project from the planning stage till its completion. Suitable for projects, both large and small. Helps companies in planning, estimation, budgeting, executing, delivering and maintaining the tasks with ease.

Time Management
& Expense Tracking

Book workers against a project and assign external and internal resources according to the region. The company can assign how many people are needed for a job or a project. They can also book expenses for a project. It will help to keep track and view the expenses associated with each project, the type of expenses and the resources in a single visibility.


Register Meter Point Registration Numbers and track meter readings.

Site Management

Manage and register contacts at the site, HSE requirements and procedures which show the details of the property and project, all in a single view.

Incident Management

Register and track incidents, automatically assign them to the relevant people and automatically escalate them. We can set a priority based on the incident. It shows the associated project, assets, and current status of each.

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