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We are a passionate group of Solution Consultants supporting customers worldwide with our effective Salesforce solutions. We are a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner. Our passion is to build user friendly and efficient solutions in platform. We also work with our network of partners to provide solutions in other technology areas too like Data Analytics, Mobile, Microsoft applications etc

Our Solution Consultants are based across the globe – USA, UK, India & Germany. This geographical spread has ensured that we are able to serve our customers from the nearest centre. If you are looking at Migrating to Lightning, building additional features on top of your existing implementations, integrating Salesforce with an external application or optimizing your current Salesforce instance, our solution consultants will guide you in the right direction and provide you with an optimal solution.

Along with Sales & Service module experience, Amdrodd’s solution consultants have developed strong experience in specialty clouds like Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Management ( FSM ), Experience Cloud, Pardot & Salesforce Maps.

For a solution consultation on any of these areas, please contact us.

Why Amdrodd?

Amdrodd provides predictable & reliable solutions and believes in a culture of relationship and trust. Our consultants have strong communication and technology skills and hence we assure you a pleasant project experience. Along with sales & service module experience, Amdrodd’s solution consultants have developed strong experience in specialty clouds like Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Management (FSM ), Experience Cloud, Pardot & Salesforce Maps

First Configure, then Code

At Amdrodd we always encourage our consultants to achieve a business solution using configuration rather than by code.
This ensure easy maintenance, faster development, reduced cost and scalability.

Relationship & Trust

We believe in long term relationship and trust. 90% of our new customers come to us through referrals. 


We always believe in setting the right expectations with clients, partners and all stakeholders. At Amdrodd, we only commit what we can deliver. If given a chance, we will under promise & over deliver – than the other way round. 

Long Term Approach

All our designs take scalability & future maintenance need into consideration, rather than quick fixes.

Ramp up Support

We have a pool of consultants and developers and this ensures team rampup on a short notice

Location & Time Zone

Our consultants are based in US, Germany and India. We can support you irrespective of the timezone and location.

Let us work together & build a world class solution - Contact one of
our specialized consultants today!


Amdrodd specialises in all areas of Salesforce for all editions – like Administration, Customization, Consulting, Lightning, AppExchange Publishing, Data Migration, Integration and Managed Services.

Lightning Development

We recognize the significance of Lightning in empowering businesses using Salesforce. Our Lightning developers can deliver robust custom applications, streamlined user interfaces with Lightning Components, enhanced data visualization through Lightning App Builder, seamless integrations with external systems, ensuring scalable and tailored solutions to meet diverse business needs.


Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with our expert customization services using apex Classes, Triggers, VisualForce and Ligtning. From tailored workflows and personalized user interfaces to integrated third-party applications, we empower your organization with solutions that perfectly fit your unique business requirements


Maximize Salesforce’s power with our expert administration and configuration services. Harness the platform’s full potential through customized workflows, data management, and user interface optimizations, tailored to streamline operations and drive business success


Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your existing systems and applications to unlock enhanced data synchronization, streamlined workflows, and unified insights. Our expert integration services ensure a cohesive digital ecosystem that optimizes efficiency and empowers your business growth. We are familiar with multiple middlewares like Mulesfot, Zapier, Make etc. We also help you built direct integrations to external apps using API.


Transform your business with our expert Salesforce Consulting Services. We provide strategic guidance, custom solutions, and implementation expertise to optimize Salesforce for your unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency, scalability, and ROI

Data Migration

Simplify your transition to Salesforce with our Data Migration Services. We ensure seamless transfer of your data from legacy systems, maintaining data integrity and minimizing downtime, so you can leverage Salesforce’s capabilities with confidence and efficiency

Managed Services

Optimize your Salesforce investment with our comprehensive Managed Services. From continuous system monitoring and proactive maintenance to ongoing support and strategic advice, we ensure your Salesforce instance operates at peak performance, empowering your team to focus on driving business outcomes​


Accelerate your Salesforce development lifecycle with our specialized DevOps services. From automated testing and seamless deployments to continuous integration and collaboration, we streamline processes to ensure rapid, reliable delivery of innovative solutions that meet your evolving business needs.

Use our expertise to build effective automations using process builders, approval processes and flows. Trust us with your needs to create efficient reports, dashboards, validations & formula fields quickly and efficiently… and more.

Our Salesforce administrators are all proficient in Lightning & we can help you with all your lightning configuration needs. We will also guide you on how to navigate efficiently through the Lightning UI. As a company policy, we will code only if we cannot configure.

Our Salesforce developers can efficiently code and deploy efficient solutions using Apex, Visualforce, LWC and Triggers. Our developers are proficient in Javascripts too. We give the most importance to usability. We build solutions with your users in mind.

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our solution consultants.

Are you planning to buy your Salesforce licenses soon or did you just buy those licenses? We can help you define and configure your Salesforce instance quickly & efficiently. Based on your users’ visibility and operational needs, we will define your roles, profiles, OWD and sharing settings. Understanding your business operations and future plan, we will design a road map for your long drive ahead.

Amdrodd can help you migrate your Classic instance to Lightning efficiently. If you are already on Lightning, our Lightning Consultants can help you build additional features using LWC & Javascript. Our Lightning developers are very proficient on all the Lightning features and can help you efficiently use the new interface.

If you are an ISV partner and are looking to build a solution on platform, Amdrodd’s experience can help you. We will bring your idea to fruition by building the solution and also guiding you through the rigor of Appexchange security review and publishing.

We understand the importance of data for an organization. Hence we handle it very carefully. Our administrators and developers have experience working with huge amounts of data – be it migrating from another application or updating the data. We have used various tools like Import Wizard, Data Loader, Work bench,, Jitterbit, Informatica Cloud and more. Our team will guide you with the right approach to migration and also data transformation. Data de-duplication is one challenge our customers have often reported and we have developed some good approaches to overcome this too.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together and build a robust long term solution for your data needs & challenges.

Integrating Salesforce with an external application is one of our core expertise areas. We will help you connect Salesforce with your required external application by building strong direct integrations based on your needs. Based on situations and effectiveness, we also recommend the use of effective 3rd party Appexchange solutions and other middleware solutions if we analyse that it makes the implementations faster and cost effective.

Let us connect so that our Integration Architects can discuss, understand and clarify any questions that you might have.

If you are looking for standard packages for monthly support and maintenance, our managed services package could be the right offering for you. With a  single point of contact and the right level of SLA, our Salesforce team will ensure your business users  get the right features delivered, on time. Contact us to understand more about Salesforce Quick Start Package, Pardot Quick Deploy Package and more.

Speciality Clouds

Amdrodd’s solution consultants have developed strong experience in specialty clouds like Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Management ( FSM ), Experience  Cloud, Pardot & Salesforce Maps. Our leaders are Certified in these areas with strong project implementation & consulting experience.

Be it creating eye catching, dynamic email content, smart forms or landing pages – or be it creating and managing your data extension and lists, we are here to help. Amdrodd will help you with your marketing cloud setup and integration, design and run your journeys, build data extensions, manage analytics, and build your smart capture forms. Our team is also well versed with the data protection policies around the world.

Our CPQ consultants will ensure your sales team focuses more on what they need to do – Sell! By setting up an efficient CPQ system, your sales team will not have to worry about their complex business logic or pricing any more. The automated pricing mechanism not only eliminates any manual error but also increases the speed. Help your sales team close more deals faster with an efficient implementation of CPQ!

Is your business heavily dependent on how you provide your after sales service? Then, FSL could be the ideal solution for you. Our FSL consultants can guide you with the initial set up for your service team. From setting up service territories, service representatives, WO or WOLI. We can also guide you and help you set up your FSL mobile apps all along and make it an efficient and smooth solution for your dispatching team and service representatives.

Collaborate with your partners or customers using Salesforce’s CRM powered communities. A combination of a CRM and CMS in a single platform. The easy click and configure functionalities as well as the ability to have custom build pages makes this a very robust platform. We at Amdrodd understand your business needs and functioning and help you build your brand through this platform. We have a team of specialised resources who have worked on multiple community implementations and have gained their proficiency to help build your platform.

Contact our Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant today to discuss your requirements. (May be add our team link to have them contact the respective could heads)

If you are non-profit looking to expand your digital journey, Non Profit cloud could be your ideal tool.
Donor management, Fund Raising , Programme Management, Case Management, Campaigns and more are part of the Non Profit cloud. If you are already using NPSP, we can help you migrate to Non Profit Cloud so that you can take advantage of the additional featured.

Salesforce Maps increases your decision making intelligence stronger with its location intelligence capability. Our Salesforce Maps consultants can help your sales team plan their day more efficiently by building efficient travel plans. Helping identify the location of the nearest technician will help notify customers on the expected arrival time in advance. To configure Salesforce Maps efficiently for your organization, send us a note.

Our Products

Smart Lead Converter

Lead Conversion is one of the core features of Salesforce. If you have ever experienced a situation where you convert a lead and the converted account, contact and opportunity goes to a completely different record type, then Smart Converter brings you a solution to overcome this gap and more.


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Meet Our Team

Meet our senior solution consultants below. A strong team of administrators and developers support our solutions consultants in bringing your projects to life from our development centres.

Pranu Sebastian

Experience Cloud & Maps Consultant
Nuremberg, Germany

Rachel Foster

Solution Architect
Baltimore, USA

Neil Bradbury

Sales, Service & FSM Consultant
London, UK

George Vargis

Data Analytics Consultant
Hampshire, UK

Ranjith P

CPQ Consultant
Boston, USA

Rejith Varma

Sales Cloud & Service Cloud Consultant
Kochi, India

Let's hear what our customers say

Edson Mancilla

Head of Operations, Audicus Inc.

Amdrodd helped with some seamless solutions using Salesforce to smoothen our business flow.

Ohad Idan

Cofounder & CEO, Praxis Solutions

Amdrodd delivered a solution with excellent UI in the short time frame and I couldn’t have been happier.

Chad R. Gebhardt  

Director of Financial Operations, Kappa Sigma Fraternity 

Our organization has been working with Amdrodd for a few years now. They have an intuitive understanding of Salesforce that enables them to create efficient solutions to any problems we have.

Nick Kuppens

Project & Sales Support, Sharp Packaging

Amdrodd delivered a solution with excellent UI in the short time frame and I couldn’t have been happier.

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